Lessons Planning

The module has Teacher’s Calendar with Lesson Plan, Schedule, and Status which the concerned authorities may view at any given point in time for any teacher teaching any class. The module has complete scope of customisation as it comes with customised lesson plan option with user-defined database fields. It comes handy for the teachers and the school and may add or modify the fields required as per the individual requirements.

It makes the scheduling of lesson plan and its delivery very easy in terms of week, month and year respectively. It has a provision for the teachers to maintain Daily Teacher’s Diary which is one of the most important documents for the teachers and the school on the whole.

It reflects the information related to classwork and homework updates and brings about observation of teachers on every student’s homework. The best bit is that reports on lesson plan coverage can be taken out in no time for any and every class and related to every teacher.

The school is able to keep a close tab on the performance of the teachers and the students and may take corrective measures if view any deviation at any given point in time.