Why Digital Literacy Has Become so Important in Our Modern Educational System?

We know from time to time, many programs have become a part of our educational platform and so digital literacy is one such concept. It has changed the education pattern in and around India and to make it better many modified versions are being launched.

The expert says the main purpose of launching so many concepts into the system is to easily present ways for gathering useful information. It has become the sustainable sign of education not only in India but on different parts of the world as well. In India even today we know when student have a project to do, what they does is depend on some outdated books for information. Eventually, these concepts should be changed and must be forced or served with resources that support updated information gathering from internet. The studies reveal that India is not at all starving from technology but it lacks the capability to use those stuffs efficiently.

If we go back to some years, we may understand that the country didn’t have proper internet connection facility and that has reflected in the educational standard as well. So let us see the changes below:

Now communication has become really simpler and so children are able to interact much conveniently in real time. At the beginning children didn’t have any idea to collaborate resources effectively in a project, but now things have changed. As an instance, with the lack of communication channel, children were not able to track the activities of their friends or reach out to the teachers during the vacation time. But now, it has become so easy to communicate through internet applications, phone calls etc. In advanced institutions the students are encouraged to use even the work management software’s by the teachers. And so, advanced results can be seen in most of the projects.

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