Digital Solution for School

SynTech has developed one of the most advanced and user friendly School ERP Software for managing various school activities which is “eSshool”. This School erp system provides the solution of all requirements of Admission Counselor in streamlining the complete admission process. With this School erp, One can generate circulars and sms instantly and have a multilingual option to make the communication effective for parents from different regions. The application has Teacher’s Calendar with Lesson Plan, Schedule, and Status which the concerned authorities may view at any given point in time for any teacher teaching any class


Why Choose Us


Anytime !

We have developed this system exclusively to all the educational institutions out there to have a smoother functioning. Accessibility is a major factor that determines the productivity of a system. We can proudly say that we are working towards providing you the greatest invention that is easily accessible and effectively working on all platforms with no time constraints.


School Management Redesigned

We, as a part of this society, are proudly participating in the academic upliftment program by providing our unique software to create a positive school culture all over the world. This easy-to-use and highly scalable product will be worth your investment, if you are ready to think outside the box!